Guide To Direct Print Whites

LB000Premium White LB:

Heavy bodied ink with excellent bleed resistance. Possesses a glossy finish and high tensile strength when cured as low as 310°F. Flashes quickly but possesses some after flash tack. Popular for numbering, lettering, and athletic designs where gloss is desired. Some processing odor but will not cause ghosting. In general, the best bleed resistance of all the whites.

  • Recommended for Cotton, Polyester, and Polyester Blends

LB005Fast Flash White LB:

An easy printing, bright white with very good hiding power, very good bleed resistance and a broad fusion window. Flashes very quickly, one to five seconds depending upon equipment and deposit, to a matte finish with virtually no after flash tack. In many cases a cool down station in not required. An ink temperature of 320°F is required for complete fusion, and there is some processing odor and, in some cases, residual odor even when fully cured. Exceptional for use where one white is to be both the underbase and the highlight.

  • Recommended for Cotton and Polyester Blends

LB020Performance White LB:

A very creamy, soft hand white with very good coverage when printed manually or on automatics through meshes as fine as 230 tpi. Flashes very quickly with only very little after flash tack. Cures easily, with virtually no processing or residual odor, to a bright semi-matte white which exhibits good bleed resistance on most fabrics. Excellent as an underbase or highlight white.*

  • Recommended for Cotton and Most Polyester Blends (except for some of the more fugitive reds, greens and deep blues)

LB025Blizzard White LB:

Very similar to the LB020 with the same very creamy body, flash characteristics, and virtually no processing odor. However, this product exhibits a more intensely bright white color and exceptional bleed resistance; generally second only to LB000. It also offers improved coverage compared to the LB020.*

  • Recommended for Cotton, Polyester Blend, and Non-Athletic Uniform 100% Polyester

LB026Simply Brighter LB:

Exact same white as the LB020 Performance white but with and added optical brighter.*

LC000 White LC:

A very creamy, soft hand white formulated for Lycra spandex and other heat sensitive fabrics. Exhibits strong physical properties when fused as low as 280°F. Depending upon equipment and deposit, fusion can go as low as 260°F. Keep in mind stronger physical properties are developed with higher fusion temperatures. Thusly, always test these temperature sensitive fabrics for optimal balance of fusion and physical properties.

  • Recommended for Lycra, Spandex, and Other Temperature Sensitive Fabrics

HO000Cotton White HO:

An easy printing, fast flashing, economical white for use as a highlight white or as an underbase when printing 100% cotton fabrics. Will print nicely through meshes as high as 280 without the addition of any reducers or soft hand base. Can also be used as a "mixing” white". Will not cause ghosting.

  • Recommended for 100% cotton only

NM000White NM:

An excellent white formulated specifically for nylon mesh applications. Creamy, heavy bodied white that exhibits excellent gloss and durability. Will fuse as low as 300°F for the more heat sensitive nature of nylon mesh. Flashes quickly but with some after flash tack. Adheres strongly to standard athletic nylon mesh. With the addition of a standard nylon catalyst this white works exceptionally well on tight weave and waterproofed nylon commonly found in jacket applications. Also, as it fuses in at lower temperatures it helps to protect the heat sensitive fabrics commonly found in jackets.

  • Recommended for Athletic nylon mesh and water-proofed and tight weave nylon with the addition of a standard nylon catalyst.

Note: Since dyes and dyeing procedures vary from lot to lot and manufacturer to manufacturer, no one white will solve all bleeding problems every time. We suggest trying various whites on problem garments. In addition, various combinations such as an underbase of LB000 and a "highlight" white of LB025 may give better results than 2 coats of the same white.

* Can exhibit ghosting under certain conditions.

Always pretest ink and fabric under normal plant conditions before starting a production run.