HO Series High Opacity Wet-On-Wet Plastisol Textile Inks


  • Recommended to be printed on light, medium, and dark color textiles of cotton or cotton/polyester blends
  • Wet-on-wet printing
  • Cold peel transfers


  • Lead-free
  • Maximum coverage on dark fabrics
  • Minimum build-up
  • Easy printability on manual or automatic equipment
  • Creamy consistency and clean release from screen
  • Consistent quality order after order

Screen Mesh:

HO series plastisol inks may be printed through meshes ranging up to 305 monofilament dependant upon the desired effect. Though monofilament is recommended, multifilament may also be used.


HO series plastisol inks are recommended to be fused at 325°F. Remember that plastisol fusion is a time/temperature process. HO series inks may be flashed from 240-260°F, followed by complete fusion in a conventional oven for direct printing; or gelling at 240-260°F on release paper for cold peel transfers.

Extending With Neutral or Clear Base:

HO series plastisols are formulated for maximum opacity when printing onto black or dark colored fabrics. HO series plastisols can be extended with HO044 Neutral extender or SE014 Process Clear when printing on white or light colored textiles.

HO044 Neutral Extender VS SE014 Process Clear

Extending HO series inks with HO044 does not affect printing properties, and colors extended with HO044 Neutral Extender are more suitable for printing wet-on-wet on top of a flashed underbase than are those extended with SE014 Process Clear. However, colors extended with SE014 Process Clear have easier printability and a softer hand than the standard HO series inks or colors extended with HO040 Neutral Extender.


HO series plastisols are formulated ready to use. Reducer #1, Special Reducer, or Curable Reducer may be used if desired. All reducers will change the opacity and cure. Always pretest when adding any products to the prepackaged ink.

Clean Up:

Mineral spirits, etc.


Refer to the current Inktek color card. Special colors may be available upon request.


  • 1 gallon pails
  • 5 gallon pails
  • 30 gallon drum
  • 50 gallon drums


Specify HO series letters and colors requested; Example; HO series Scarlet or HO240

Always pretest ink and fabric under normal plant conditions before starting a production run.